RUHO is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Brooklyn. It is founded in 2015 by Natalia Roumelioti, an architect/designer and artist and Odysseas Olysseou, a structural engineer, while combining their interest in design. RUHO's journey begins with objects discarded and presumably at the end of their life cycle. What is otherwise conceived as a final stage of a furniture is perceived by RUHO, as a chance for a new beginning and a new design. 

Over the last year RUHO has build a collection of furniture with a focus on timeless design and a sensitive eye to sustainable behavior. Reclaiming the lost value of the object entails rigorous exercises of hand-made craftsmanship via transformation, addition, subtraction and other operations such as bricolage with concrete. RUHO brings life back to remnants of furniture and on occasions monumentalizes their presence in time & space.  

Whether the new fine objects are seen merely as pieces of art or functional furniture, RUHO's mission is not to defend either, but to invite the audience & the user to decide through their own engagement and experience. RUHO's stand is that each object aspires to be experienced and enjoyed on its own terms, the value lies as much in the process of it's creation as in it's intricacy as a result.

Realizing creative projects requires a unique combination of drive, ambition, skill, talent, focused determination and above all technical know-how combined with a rare sensitivity. We are proud to be a professional duo, of an architect/designer/artist and a structural engineer/environmental specialist, working closely from start to end to only strive for the best and ensure we provide turnkey solutions that are both extraordinary & realistic!

We trust that by using our tools: design sensibility, clean-line aesthetics, functional clarity, fresh vision, environmental awareness, multidisciplinary experience & technical knowledge we guarantee a unique approach towards a result to suit the needs of each client's program, while well adapted to the existing environment.

RUHO's interest is in projects ranging from the design of objects to furniture and from interior renovations to larger buildings with focus on the clarity of detailing, timeless materiality, sustainable design towards a unique human experience & comfort in the space.


Natalia Roumelioti is an architect/designer and artist living in NYC. She is the co-founder & creative director of RUHO Design. She is also the founder of NTILIT, a design studio dedicated to the creation of wearable sculptures and mixed media installations. Her work has been recognized in competitions, publications, exhibitions and performances, and was included in venues such as PS-1 MoMA, Queens Museum, SiTE:LAB, BHQF, Chashama, Watermill Center, Carnegie Hall and Onassis Cultural Center among others. She studied architecture at NTUA of Athens (1999-2005), then she pursued a Master in Design / Space / Culture at the NTUA (2008), and later on a Master on Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University in NY (2009).
Odysseas Olysseou is a structual engineer living in NYC. He is the co-founder & lead fabricator of RUHO Design. His working experience as a structural engineer has extended through a series of projects in the metropolitan area and abroad while working at Thornton Tomasetti. His collaboration with Natalia Roumelioti since 2013 has lead to a winning entry competition for the “Tiny House” contest. He studied Civil Engineering at the University of Thessaly (1995-2001) and received a Master of Environmental Design of Cities & Buildings from the Hellenic Open University (2012).




    RUHO has had from its beginning a number of incredible supporters who have generously offered their input, time, enthusiasm and above all their trust, namely: Jacob Robinette, Melissa Pureza Leyba, Alexis Garcia-Barragan, Javi Sal, Colin O'Brien, Olga Silina, Francesca Parolaro